Perched or rather hidden on the southern slopes of the Himalayas, this tiny Kingdom, virtually unknown to the outside world, offers a most fascinating yet an untouched natural beauty, unique cultural and ancient tradition. Centuries long, isolated, inaccessible and forbidden, this Himalayan Kingdom cautiously opened its boarder to the outside world.



Drukyul, the land of Thunder Dragon, as Bhutan is locally known, is perhaps the last of the Shangrilas. Hidden amidst the mighty Himalayas and sandwiched between its two great neighbors, with Tibet (China) in the North and India in the South, Bhutan is as big as Switzerland but sparsely inhabited by little over 600,000 people. The kingdom is spread over 47,000 square kilometer with varied climatic conditions ranging from sub-tropical to the frigid reaches of almost 25,000 feet snow capped ranges of Tibetan boarder.

Bhutan follows the Drukpa sect of Tibetan Buddhism, with Hinduism concentrated in the South. The sight of chortens (religious monuments), fluttering prayer flags, prayer wheels turned by water, gold-gilded monasteries dot the landscape and emphasize the deeply religious aspect of Bhutanese life. With over 80% of the population engaged in agriculture or raising livestock, Bhutan remains a rural country devoid of industry, except in the South. The brightly decorated houses with shingle rooftops, the huge fortresses called Dzongs, which house the monk body and the local administrative centers, the covered bridges, the patchwork terraced rice fields, intricately woven bamboo fences, catch and charm the eye. Without any foreign intrusion, Bhutan remains unspoiled. The religion, tradition and ancestral customs have remained intact over centuries.

With 60% of land under forest cover and various climatic regions from subtropical in the South to tundra in the North coupled with dramatic changes in altitude, Bhutan is blessed with a wealth of floral and faunal variety. With magnificent mountains, dense forests, crystalline air, a self sufficient and friendly people, with superb art and arresting architecture, with beggars or crime, Bhutan is truly very near to Paradise.

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  • Bhutan can be entered by air and land. However the land route can be taken for either entering or exiting only. It is necessary that Druk Air the national and only carrier of Bhutan, be used at least once. The fares for the sectors that Druk Air operates in is given below :
  • For the Sector Kathmandu / Paro US$ 195.00
     Type of Aircraft : BAE 146 – 100
    Seat configuration: 10 Business Class & 62 Economy Class
    Above flight rates are subject to change without prior notice. Any difference will have to be borne directly.
    The members commencing their Bhutan Tour Via Kathmandu arr requested to obtained Multiple Visa at the International Airport In Kathmandu, upon arrival.
  • Bhutan can be entered by land through Phuntsolling, the boarder town with West Bengal in India.
  • The local currency is the NGULTRUM (Nu.) which is at par with the Indian Rupees.
  • The Bhutanese visa fee is US$ 20 + US$ 10 TSF, per person (subject to change) and payable in cash at the point of entry.
  • Airport tax is Nu. 300 per person.
  • Insurance on trip cancellation, medical, baggage etc. is not available in Bhutan and visitors should arrange for their own in their home country.
  • The infrastructure in Bhutan can handle only limited number of tourist at a time and hence bookings should be done as early as possible to avail of the best facilities.
  • Bhutan’s time is 6 hours ahead of GMT. 
  • Bhutan enjoys all four seasons but the temperature varies from places within a short distance of each other due to the great difference in the altitude.


  • 3 Nights / 04 Days Explore the Peaceful Dragon Kingdom.
  • 7 Nights / 08 Days Druck Yul Kingdom in the Clouds.
  • 11 Nights / 12 Days Highlights of Bhutan Unfolding the Mysteries of the Dragon Kingdom.
  • 07 Nights / 08 Days Black Neck Crane Trek.